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Become a Performance Maintenance Club member today and you’ll receive an annual inspection of your Heating and/or Air Conditioning equipment and a 10% discount on future repairs. When you have an Emergency, we will push you towards the top of our schedule to tend to your HVAC maintenance needs. Whether you need us on a weekend, after hours, or on a holiday you will not have to pay overtime fees. Ever. We will make sure your house is safe from Carbon Monoxide and from any faulty equipment that could damage your home with the annual inspection.

Benefits of becoming a Performance Maintenance Club Member:

Preventative HVAC Maintenance 1

Become a Performance Customer today and you'll receive system maintenance in the following ways:

Mechanical System

This is a complete inspection service of all moving and electrical components in your system.

Safety System

This is a complete inspection service of all safeties in your system such as combustion/ignition/venting as well as power protection components in your system.


The pipe has deteriorated and/or broken, causing collapses in the line and restricting flow.

Performance System

This is a service that will test the overall efficiency of your system. Included in this service we will test the refrigerant system, the air flow system, and the combustion system for a maximum performance output.